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Completely Free Email Address


To get a free email address which includes webmail access, simply  choose a domain from the drop-down list below.

Then email us with your details such as name address, etc and state the full email address you want to use. Please note that before the email address is setup you will be asked to confirm that you do want the address. Click here to email us.

If you do not have a current email then please call us on 01708 222192 to make the arrangements.

If there are any problems with the name you have chosen you will be contacted  shortly.

You should allow at least 24 hrs. for the mailbox to  become accessible.


(Note: This service is intended for private individuals only)




Click here to download setup instructions

for Outlook Express


Note: although there is no restriction on the size of the mailbox the traffic throughput will be monitored and excessive usage may lead to charges being made. Users will be expected to clear their mailbox at regular intervals.


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