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PC Care



Much of our work consists of repairing and servicing existing pc systems and laptops, removing malware and viruses, and carrying

out necessary hardware repairs.

We can replace laptop  hard drives, etc.

Please contact us for details.


If specialist attention is needed for a laptop then a quotation and details of the work to be done can be obtained within a few days - the cost for this investigation is 25.00 + VAT whether the quote is accepted or not.


A "spring clean" to get your computer running as it used to, normally

costs from 35.00 + VAT for a single user setup. If multiple users are

configured on the system this will add to the cost of the overhaul.


Should any major problems be found or replacement parts be needed,

you will be consulted first and an estimate of the final cost given.


We also give a free assessment of possible hardware upgrades to

existing systems together with estimated costs.

Please call for further information.



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